Posted by: Melissa Bane Sevier | November 30, 2009

The Season of Hope

Advent is here. For many it is a race from now until December 25 to get everything done: shopping, wrapping, cards, baking, entertaining. Whew. Then you’ll look back at all you’ve done and feel a mixture of tiredness and accomplishment.

For others, it is the season to endure. Advent can be exhausting, trying, even downright painful. Maybe you just don’t feel like celebrating much of anything this year.

The season of Advent is a time that allows for all of those various feelings, and more. In this time of preparation for the coming of Christ, we recognize the spiritual need to connect with God, whether it is in the midst of all the to-do lists, or in the middle of wondering what it is all about.

The world has always been, in a sense, on the brink of something. Every time Advent rolls around, we can look back on the previous year and see great things that have happened, and also see great pain and need. All of this is plainly visible in the world news, in our own communities, and also on a personal level.

Advent comes as part of the journey.  It may land one year in a period of tremendous happiness; in another, Advent may arrive to a home that is struggling.  Whenever it comes, it brings its message of hope to carry us along the road.

Hope and expectation are what this season is all about. The Christian is called to look up and see Jesus. (Luke 21:25ff)

The Journey

We look up out of our need. We look up because we believe God can come to us in ever new ways. We look up because things have got to be better soon. We look up because we see other people struggling.

As you go through the next month, if it brings you great joy or if you find it difficult, don’t forget to look up. Life in God is about hope. And hope draws us into the life of God.

Look up, and see Jesus.

©Melissa Bane Sevier, 2009


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