Welcome to Contemplative Viewfinder.  I’m Melissa Bane Sevier, a minister, freelance writer, and photographer.  I use this space to reflect on texts from the Revised Common Lectionary or other topics of interest.  Join me with your own reflections and comments.


  1. The thing I liked about this week’s blog was the people involved. Great picture of Bob laying flooring and Norma looking at the mountains.

  2. Please may I use your ‘Acts of God’ article in our weekly parish newsletter? It’s spot on. I shall of course attribute it.

    Michael Cavanagh

    Vicar, St John High Legh, Cheshire UK

    • Yes, of course! Thanks for the honor and thanks for asking.

  3. Lovely blog. Is there a way to make it an rss feed that we can link to our desktop?

    • Thanks, Carolynne. I will research how to make that happen and get back to you.

      • The Contemplative Viewfinder GREAT.
        Miss you ALL——–Love———–Ruth Sirmans

      • Hi, Ruth! Nice to hear from you!

  4. Re: Wow. WOW!! Excellent!
    Great job Melissa.

  5. Liked this very much!

  6. Very wonderful reflection on fear with regards to this lesson. Thanks for your insight!

  7. Love your blog, so many insightful God-inspired musings and beautifully written, Thank you

  8. I was reading some of your posts and am really enjoying them. Would it be acceptable for me to share some of them in our church newsletter (credit given, of course).

  9. A couple of notes of thanks: I’ve just started a three month Ministry sabbatical and have started it by reading “Journeying Toward Renewal.” Thank you so much for the wisdom unearthed in your sabbath journey, and shared so freely. And, since re-entering pastoral Ministry seven years ago (after 12 years out), your words in this blog have often been the spark that helps me find the right direction for the following Sunday’s sermon. So again… thank you!… and blessings on your continued journey.

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